Hot Tub Spa Cleaning Services Near Me

Hot Tub Spa Cleaning Services Near Me Gold Coast

At WaveBreak Hot Tub Spa Cleaning Services Gold Coast, our highly trained hot tub, Spa cleaning and spa maintenance professionals are experts in keeping your spa crystal clear and in prime working order ready for you to use. And that is how it should be, You enjoy your asset and leave the rest to us. Call us today for a free no obligation quote.

Hot Tub Spa Technician Near Me Gold Coast

Hot tub - jacuzzi swim Spa Cleaning Services Near Me

Keep your hot tub, jacuzzi in top condition, protect your investment, and ensure it’s always ready to use with professional indoor and outdoor spa and swim spa cleaning and spa maintenance from WaveBreak Spa Cleaning Services.

There’s certainly nothing better than slipping into your spa to relax after a long exhausting day. It is even better for you to enjoy to the fullest, knowing that your indoor or outdoor spa is regularly cleaned and maintained to keep it healthy and in good working order by a WaveBreak Pool Cleaning and Spa Service technician.

Hot Tub Spa Cleaning Services Near Me Gold Coast

We have three regular hot tub spa cleaning Services and maintenance options to choose from!

Weekly Spa Service and Maintenance plan

Additional quarterly cleaning and servicing tasks performed each quarter.

Fortnightly Swim Spa care services Gold Coast

Additional quarterly cleaning and servicing tasks performed each quarter.

Quarterly Spa Cleaning Services Gold Coast

Call it a hot tub, jacuzzi, therapeutic swim spa, or indoor or outdoor spa. Regardless of your asset, WaveBreak Pool Care and Spa Cleaning Services have a maintenance and servicing solution for you. Contact us today for a free appraisal.

Frequently asked questions

How do you clean a spa?

For a thorough clean it is best to drain the spa. Spray the spa shell with your desired spa cleaning product. Then wipe all surfaces removing baked on dirt and debris. Be sure to clean diligently in and around the spa jets. Finally be sure to rinse all surfaces appropriately and ensure all dirty and contaminated water is well drained out.

How often should a spa be cleaned?

A Hot tub, spa should be cleaned weekly to protect yourself, family and friends against harmful bacteria. You should drain your spa completely for a thorough clean and disinfect every three to four months. And consider doing this more often when using your spa regularly, especially if there is several people in and out of your spa.

How long does it take to clean a spa or hot tub?

This can vary depending on the amount of use the hot tub spa has had. And how many bodies pass through the spa. Generally speaking a hot tub spa will take two to four hours to clean thoroughly.

What does a spa service cost?

The costs of a spa service depends on several factors. You need to consider the size of the spa or hot tub and how frequently it is used. Also, is it a regular service or a one off. The best guide we can give you is that our spa service cost start from $79.99

Do you do spa sales and repairs?

Yes, we do spa upgrades, repairs, and the sale of new equipment when required.

Spa Heater Repairs and Maintenance

We repair all heater brands for both commercial and domestic pools and spas.

Spa Pump Sales, Repairs and servicing

We repair, sell, and replace all popular spa pump brands, including Davey, SpaNet, Edgetec, Aqua-Flo, Onga and more.

Spa Filters repairs and maintenance

We provide regular spa service and repair, maintenance and performance checks on all commercial and domestic spa filters.

Do you have one off spa cleaning services?

Yes, Of course we do. If you need your spa cleaned for any reason at all, please feel free to contact us.

Before and after party spa cleaning services

Are you looking to entertain guests? Have your spa gleaming when your guests arrive, with a WaveBreak Pre-Party Hot Tub, Spa Clean.

Spa filter, equipment servicing and maintenance

Ask WaveBreak Spa Cleaning Services to perform a one time, in-depth Spa filter and Spa equipment service and report on any maintenance items that may need following up.

One Time Hot tub, spa drain and clean

Every Spa should have this service at least twice a year. It is a comprehensive drain, clean, sanitise and spa equipment maintenance service.

Hot Tub Drain And Clean Gold Coast

#1 affordable Spa Drain And Clean In the gold coast

Protect your family and friends by Booking a Hot Tub Spa Drain and Clean. keep your indoor or outdoor spa crystal clear and clean by having it drained, cleaned, sanitised and water-balanced by a WaveBreak Pool Cleaning Service & Spa Care technician.

Hot Tub Spa Drain And Clean Gold Coast

Expert Hot Tub Spa servicing near me. We will leave your spa sparkling clean and crystal clear!

Hot Tub Spa Drain And Clean Gold Coast

Hot Tub Spa Drain And Clean

Your jacuzzi spa is a significant investment, so it pays to look after it. If you want your spa to remain pristine and ready to use, it’s essential to have it regularly drained, cleaned, sanitised and water-balanced.
At WaveBreak Spa Cleaning Services, our service technicians are second to none at spa maintenance, especially cleaning and sanitation.

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Drain And Clean Near Me

No matter how bad you think yours is, we have definitely seen worse! So please don’t put it off any longer. A WaveBreak Pool Cleaning Service technician has the equipment and know-how to tackle even the dirtiest spa effectively. Reach out to us today to arrange a suitable time for your spa service.

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WaveBreak Pool Service Gold Coast Hot Tub Spa Drain And Clean Equipment Inspection

All WaveBreak Hot Tub Spa drain and clean services include:

Finally we do a comprehensive inspection of the spa equipment. Including pumps and controls.

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