Pool Water Testing Gold Coast

Pool Water Testing Gold Coast

Pool Water Testing
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Keep your family and friends safe with our comprehensive, affordable Gold Coast pool water testing and balance service.

Our Expert Swimming Pool Professionals Accurately Test All Pool Water!

Pool Water Testing Gold Coast

Pool Water Testing Near Me

At WaveBreak Pools, we test the water of all types of pools and spas in all settings. Whether commercial or residential, we have the expertise to provide you with an in-depth report and then carry out any action required to resolve any issues found.

Water Test Pool Service

So if you are running short of time or prefer the benefits of onsite pool water testing and are looking for a pool company that does pool water test near me, you have landed in the right place.

With our very affordable pool water testing and balance service, priced at just $37.00, there is no reason for you not to call us. Our WaveBreak Pool Cleaning Service and Spa Care technicians visit all City of Gold Coast suburbs. From Coolangatta to Ormeau, Yatala and into the Hinterland. Our technician will happily attend your premise at a convenient time that suits you and carry out a full comprehensive water test and balance.

What Types of Swimming Pool Water Do You Test?

We test the water of all types of pools and spas in all settings.

Mineral Pool Water Testing

Specialising in mineral pool water test near me, our WaveBreak Pool technician will ensure your water chemistry is spot on.

Freshwater Pool Water Tester

The benefits of a freshwater pool are tremendous, but only if the pool water is kept safe and healthy for you to enjoy all year round.

Salt Water Pool Water Tester

Our expert, Gold Coast pool water tester, is more than happy to attend to your residential or Business premise and do a salt water pool water test onsite. Reach out to us today and book your pool water ph test.

Test your pool water using either a kit or a strip. The pool water testing kit will measure two of your pool’s most important chemical readings: chlorine and pH levels.

Ideally, it is best practice to test your pool water every two weeks. Additionally, I would test my pool water after prolonged heavy rain.

Following are the readings for a balanced pool with proper pH levels, Total Alkalinity, and Calcium Hardness. These are pH: 7.2-7.8, Total Alkalinity: 80-120 ppm, Calcium Hardness, 180-220 ppm and Cyanuric Acid (Stabilizer): 30-50 ppm. Chlorine levels should remain constant in the 1-3 ppm range.

To take a proper water sample, use a clean container and hold it upside down so the opening faces the pool bottom. Insert elbow deep into the water and turn it up to collect the sample. Do not take the water sample near any return jets or skimmer opening.

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